Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Teddy Bear Fucked Me! is Here!

Happy new year, everyone! How was your winter holiday and new year? I was kept busy by my family the entire time. I love the Holiday season but I'm so happy to finally have a break from it all!

I was able to finish up a few new stories as well. I have three new ebooks that are going to released over the following week and I'm starting things off with My Teddy Bear Fucked Me!. That's not all though. I'm also giving out 50% coupons on smashwords for all of my ebooks being published this week. As for my ebooks that have already been published, I am also going to be giving out 25% off coupons throughout next week. This coupons will only be avaliable through smashwords.

The first erotica and coupon is for My Teddy Bear Fucked Me! a new story. The coupon code for 50% off is GU27L.

My Teddy Bear Fucked Me!

Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

This is one of the weirder stories I've written. I think it is worth reading just for that fact alone plus you're getting 50% off.

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