Saturday, October 6, 2012

A New Cover and an Excerpt

My new book is almost finished! I have decided to call the story Falling for the Billionaire Boss. It is not the most creative title but it fits the story. I already have the cover finished. Take a look!

Here's a short excerpt from the new story:

When he kissed her Mika felt like her lips were being electrified by his and a part of her longed for him to take it farther. She wanted to invite him to her room and let him have his way with her. However, the other part of her was glad that he ended it with just a kiss. She really enjoyed spending time with Jacob Janssen and wanted to see where else things between them would go. She did not want to be just a one night stand to him, not after such a wonderful date.

When Mika arrived at the office the next day, there was a simple red rose waiting for her on her desk. There was no note or anything but Mika knew who it was from. Her coworkers constantly teased her and asked her who the lucky guy was all day but Mika remained silent. Sometimes she joked around with them and pretended not to know but her excited smile gave her away.

Mika could not stop thinking about Jacob and the date they had. She was nervous but he had a way of making her feel relaxed and safe when she was with him. 

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