Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just Brought - Lush Curves

Look what I just got for my nook! It's Lush Curves by Delilah Fawkes. The cover is so beautiful and the story sounds so interesting. I can't wait to read this tonight. Would anyone be interested in reading my reviews of my favorite erotica books if I post them here?

I am thinking about trying my hand at some BBW erotica after I finish the current story I am working on. As a BBW myself, I love BBW erotica and stories. 

I am currently 3,000 words into a story and I am just now starting on the sex scene. I've enjoyed writing a longer story and I hope that my books get longer as I continue to write more. This story is another billionaire story (because I'm in the mood for some more sexy billionaire love) but it is different from The Billionaire's Toys. This new story is more vanilla in comparison but I'm just as happy with it.

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  1. Thanks so much for snagging my story, Ann, and best of luck with your own! :D You rock!